About Me

I began learning how to design and build websites while working for our local school district. As the “computer lady” on campus, I was tasked with putting together a school website, back in the late 90’s, and I read, studied, and built that first site entirely with notepad!

Laren Net Works website development process

Since then I have added to my tool chest, and primarily use Dreamwweaver and WordPress to build and maintain sites, custom coding with CSS and PHP as necessary. This site uses WordPress as the core with plugins and custom CSS to add functionality and individuality.

Some personal background for those who are interested – I am married (35 years) and have four children, Mike (30), Kristel (29, married to Jonathan, also 29), Tim (27), and Vicky (24).   I have 2 grandchildren, Lily and Jay, who are a delight!  We have lived in our home since 1981, and added on when it became too small. I worked for the local school district while the kids were growing up, and left when my hours became too few to make it worthwhile. I then began Laren Net Works and design and maintain websites for several local organizations and businesses.

Thank you for visiting the website, and I look forward to hearing from you!