I’m back!

I’ve been writing, just not on THIS blog! I was invited to write articles for TorqueMag.io and have written several over the past few months. I’ve also been busy with other projects, and my grandchildren, and this blog has taken a backseat.

First, I’ll provide links to the articles I have written. They may prove useful to you, they may not, and if nothing else will provide me with a concise summary of my work!

Updating Client Sites to WordPress 3.6 – A bit dated now, since we are on 3.9, but it is what it is.

Widget UI Refresh for WordPress Core – Already in place in core WordPress

WordPress Multisite Case Study

Designing Responsively

Table Plugins for WordPress

Backup Plugins for WordPress

A series of articles on how WordPress is put together, and how you can make it do your bidding!

Dissecting WordPress: Customizing footer.php

Dissecting WordPress: Customizing header.php

Dissecting WordPress: page.php

Dissecting WordPress: single.php

In the works is an article about Heartbleed, although there has already been an overload of information. Still, we each bring a unique perspective, and I’ve learned from each article I have read. Maybe my writing will help someone else.

And I’m open to ideas for what you would like to see discussed here. Let me know!