Have Fun with QR codes!

What are QR codes? I’m sure you’ve seen them on post cards or flyers in the mail, ads on TV, newspaper, or other print advertising, perhaps other places. It’s a small, square, pixelated box similar to the image on the right.

What this will do, when scanned with a smartphone app, is send me a text message that says you scanned the code. There’s much more you can do with QR codes. By placing a QR code on your business card, advertising flyer, newspaper ad, or elsewhere, you have provided anyone with a smartphone and a QR reader the ability to instantly connect with you, grab a coupon for your merchandise, read the latest news, see a video about your business, link to your website, even “Like” your Facebook page simply by scanning the code with their smartphone . . . there are many options!

Just start looking around you – I’ll bet you’ll see a few of these in some strategic locations. If you have a smartphone (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone) check out the QR Reader apps and start thinking of the possibilities!