Picasso, Professionalism, and other thoughts

A friend recently shared an article with me, and the author stated:

Design looks easier than it is, and it’s more important than it looks.

Good design doesn’t just happen! And while building a website may appear effortless to someone who hasn’t attempted the process, those of us who make it our business know how much goes on behind the scenes.

An anecdote from that same article is worth sharing to illustrate the point –

Picasso is in a park when a woman approaches him and asks him to draw a portrait of her.
Picasso agrees and quickly sketches her.
After handing the sketch to her, she is pleased with the likeness and asks how much she owes him.
Picasso replies: “$5,000.”
The woman screams, “But it took you only five minutes.”
“No, madam, it took me all my life,” replies Picasso.

It may take 5 minutes to do your website update – but it takes years of experience to be able to do it in 5 minutes instead of 5 hours.

No one is an expert at everything, although some people seem to have a talent for quickly learning whatever they put their mind to.  Sometimes you may have the time and inclination to learn how to repair an appliance, cook up a special meal, or build something.  There are other times when you hire a professional to do the same thing in a much shorter time frame, and with enhancements that you wouldn’t (or couldn’t) have added because you don’t have the tools or experience.

Whether you hire the pro or do it yourself is a decision only you can make … choose wisely!