Spring Cleaning

Yes, even websites need a good “cleaning” now and then! And spring is a perfect time to review your site for old, outdated, and possibly incorrect information, get it updated and correct, and add anything new that you or your business has going.

Take ten or fifteen minutes to go through your site page by page, making note of changes to the content that need to be made. Perhaps a new color scheme will perk things up, or current images to replace the ones that have been there for the last several months. Are your business hours still accurate? Have your services changed?

Let’s SPRING into action and get your site tuned up and ready for business!

Maintenance Agreement

Think of your website as a stage production – and the website itself as what the audience sees. A lot of things have to happen “behind the scenes” for the production to appear effortless.

Changing the content is only a small part (although the most visible) of site maintenance. Site backups, scanning for malicious code, and updating plugins and add ons to the most recent version are some of the routine maintenance chores that need to be done consistently to keep your site healthy.

Check out my Maintenance Packages and let’s get started!